Photo Gallery: Alex Bailey


“I wholeheartedly believe that the time spent studying in America was one of the best investments in my future I have made. . . .This is because it has helped me increase both my academic understanding and my social understanding”

 “I feel like studying abroad encouraged me to just increase my learning even more and gave me a drive to educate myself on issues not covered in classes”.

 “There was an emphasis on international students at Juniata college which meant that we bonded with both domestic American students alongside students from all over the world. As a group of international students we visited Cancún, Mexico for spring break, which is a tradition for college students and also Niagara Falls, Canada as we were only about six hours drive from the border. This all meant that it was not just my understanding of American culture that was increased, but that of cultures all over the world. I left with friends whom I know I will be friends for life with, and that alone is enough for me to recommend it. I could talk for hours about all the things we did, the fun we had and the memories shared”.

 “There was a lot of freedom to choose classes, which meant for a huge scope of subjects which undoubtedly the best thing about the academia at Juniata”.

 “The cost of the trip is also worth taking into account, as it is not inexpensive. . . . Students would need to budget not only for the costs of food and board, but also for excursions because one of the best things to do is have the ability to visit places such as New York, and of course this is expensive. However if the opportunity to do it is there, alongside the funds then I would fully recommend making the investment. The more I reflect, the more I think that this was the best year of my life, and i’ll remember it, and reap the benefits forever”.

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