Photo Gallery: Rebecca Hassall


We’re happy to present some fantastic photos from our student Rebecca Hassall from her time studying abroad. We’re sure you’ll agree that she got to go to some great cities as part of her time with the scheme and the photos only scratch the surface of all of her experiences as part of it.

Thank you Rebecca for sharing these with us!

“During my time abroad I was able to visit seven different countries, learn about their individual histories and cultures as well as spend time with people from all over the world, something I consider a great privilege and something that would not have been as accessible if I had not moved to the Netherlands”.

“My year abroad focused on developing skills such as public speaking and group work, something that is not necessarily as present in my home institution. This has given me to chance to improve my skills in these areas while also studying subjects I might not have otherwise. This, all in all, has lead to an overall increase in my confidence in my ability to take on new challenges and succeed”.

“All of the experiences and challenges I have encountered during my time abroad have helped me grow, on a multitude of levels, to become a more well rounded and competent individual, which is something that will stay with me and continue to benefit me throughout my time after university. I now feel a new sense of independence and confidence in myself that I did not have prior to my experience”

“If I could have my time abroad again, in terms of things I would do differently, I would challenge myself to go further outside my comfort zone”.

“Having the chance to study courses not available at my home institution have really enlightened me to what different fields are available post-graduate and what I am and, of equal importance, what I am not interested in pursuing.”
“ I would encourage any person considering doing a year abroad not to hesitate, the opportunity to do so does not come round very often”.