Cabin Weekend Group Activity 2015

Photo Gallery: Amanda Brockinton

“Classes provided me new ways of writing, learning, and challenged me to do my best. The class I enjoyed the most was my Environmental class and I am proud to say I lectured for about an hour and a half and I never would have thought I could even do that, it challenged me in the most amazing ways and I loved all of the skills I took away from it”.

“Sweden gave me confidence, security in myself, and faith”.

“Some last words for those who have or will take on this journey; exchange is great, scary, thrilling, nerve-racking but overall amazing”.

“You come with expectations and leave with experiences. Expect to be challenged emotionally, personally, alcoholically, academically and sometimes even physically (those Swedish forests though). If you are not challenged in some way during exchange, you aren’t doing it right!”

Reflections: Pedro Cipriani

“The social aspect of my year abroad was great. Studying with people from all over the world, I was always meeting new people from different countries with intriguing stories. Finding new things about people and cultures vastly different from mine was a really rewarding experience”.

“The university itself was of really high standards and lecturers were very professional . . . I had a busy schedule and many hours of lecturers every week, something which forced me to be more efficient at my job: studying”

“When the time came for me to leave, it felt bittersweet: I was going back to Lincoln, but I was leaving a place I wish I had stayed for at least a few more years. I have keep contact with people from all over the world, having visited friends in many countries. Currently, we are planning a reunion for the big Gentse Feesten next July!”


Photo Gallery: Yaroslav Pustarnakov

“Juniata College is a fantastic and vibrant place that has developed its reputation for having fun traditions, progressive culture, and welcoming, as well as hospitable, staff who work at the College. Staff members at the Juniata College are nothing short of absolute living and breathing legends”

“Juniata College encourages you to go out of your comfort zone by experiencing and studying subjects that fall outside of your degree discipline. This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your mind, and acquire new skills and knowledge that you will be thankful for in years to come”

“The combination of interacting with people, to experiencing their traditions, norms and values, provides people who have just come from abroad with a rich taste of everything that the American culture has to offer you”.



Photo Gallery: Alex Bailey

“I wholeheartedly believe that the time spent studying in America was one of the best investments in my future I have made. . . .This is because it has helped me increase both my academic understanding and my social understanding”

 “I feel like studying abroad encouraged me to just increase my learning even more and gave me a drive to educate myself on issues not covered in classes”.

 “There was an emphasis on international students at Juniata college which meant that we bonded with both domestic American students alongside students from all over the world. As a group of international students we visited Cancún, Mexico for spring break, which is a tradition for college students and also Niagara Falls, Canada as we were only about six hours drive from the border. This all meant that it was not just my understanding of American culture that was increased, but that of cultures all over the world. I left with friends whom I know I will be friends for life with, and that alone is enough for me to recommend it. I could talk for hours about all the things we did, the fun we had and the memories shared”.

 “There was a lot of freedom to choose classes, which meant for a huge scope of subjects which undoubtedly the best thing about the academia at Juniata”.

 “The cost of the trip is also worth taking into account, as it is not inexpensive. . . . Students would need to budget not only for the costs of food and board, but also for excursions because one of the best things to do is have the ability to visit places such as New York, and of course this is expensive. However if the opportunity to do it is there, alongside the funds then I would fully recommend making the investment. The more I reflect, the more I think that this was the best year of my life, and i’ll remember it, and reap the benefits forever”.


Photo Gallery: Rebecca Hassall

We’re happy to present some fantastic photos from our student Rebecca Hassall from her time studying abroad. We’re sure you’ll agree that she got to go to some great cities as part of her time with the scheme and the photos only scratch the surface of all of her experiences as part of it.

Thank you Rebecca for sharing these with us!

“During my time abroad I was able to visit seven different countries, learn about their individual histories and cultures as well as spend time with people from all over the world, something I consider a great privilege and something that would not have been as accessible if I had not moved to the Netherlands”.

“My year abroad focused on developing skills such as public speaking and group work, something that is not necessarily as present in my home institution. This has given me to chance to improve my skills in these areas while also studying subjects I might not have otherwise. This, all in all, has lead to an overall increase in my confidence in my ability to take on new challenges and succeed”.

“All of the experiences and challenges I have encountered during my time abroad have helped me grow, on a multitude of levels, to become a more well rounded and competent individual, which is something that will stay with me and continue to benefit me throughout my time after university. I now feel a new sense of independence and confidence in myself that I did not have prior to my experience”

“If I could have my time abroad again, in terms of things I would do differently, I would challenge myself to go further outside my comfort zone”.

“Having the chance to study courses not available at my home institution have really enlightened me to what different fields are available post-graduate and what I am and, of equal importance, what I am not interested in pursuing.”
“ I would encourage any person considering doing a year abroad not to hesitate, the opportunity to do so does not come round very often”.